Being Heard w/o a Microphone

Democracy depends on participation. Democracy depends on you.

You deserve a chance to speak. You deserve to be heard. Here are a few tips that can help you project your voice without exhausting yourself.

The basics: Air – O – Ah:

  • Air: Breath deeply a few times before you address a large crowd. This will calm your mind and support your voice.
  • O: Focus on the vowels, they carry your voice
  • Ah-ha: Speak to the person furthest back in the crowd. They will smile and get it.

As you inhale, imagine you are filling your lungs all the way down to your feet. As you speak, feel that air coming up from the ground below your feet and effortlessly carrying your message as far as you want it to go. Give a little more time to your vowels, they will thank you for it by making your voice easier to understand.

Two additional points:

  • Relax. This isn’t the only time you’ll get to address a large crowd. You don’t have to race to get everything you want to say into one quick breath.
  • When competing to be heard, choose wisely. The airplane will always win.
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