Disengage – Focus Forward

Attacking the person never addresses the issue, but it has the power to dominate the conversation and destroy creative energy. Your creative energy.

When people think others are suffering and offer insults, they are trying to distance themselves. They are reassuring themselves they will never experience that kind of pain because they are different, better. It’s nice to think who we are insulates us from what we might experience. But it doesn’t.

Nothing hurts more than being told we deserve every bad thing that has come our way. Nothing hurts more than having our earnest efforts to do well dismissed.

People who insult you are not open to conversation. They are not trying to understand you or even to change you. They are just angry because you are reminding them that who they are cannot protect them from what they might experience.

You don’t have to answer. You should not answer.

Not in the moment. Not later when you are refining your ideas and the way you want to present them. Doing so can consume all of your effort.

Democracy needs your ideas. Disengage from personal attacks. Focus forward. Share your ideas with those who will listen.

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