? ? ? MIGHT makes RIGHT ? ? ?

I wrote this on the ground at the plaza where OccupyMN has gathered. As I did so, a person came up to me to let me know “they” won’t like that. The police, you know, won’t let  me write on the ground. “Chalking,” they called it, knowingly.

“A woman was arrested last night for chalking. This is a public square, you know, paid for by taxes. They don’t want to clean up your mess.”

I thanked them for their concern. Walking away, they scoffed, “hardly worth getting thrown in jail for”.

I went back to my big, bold, pink letters. “MIGHT makes RIGHT” I surrounded them with big, bold, blue question marks.

It would be a silly thing to get arrested for. Imagine the headlines. “Bad Nana Caught Dusty-Handed Playing with Sidewalk Chalk in Public.”

It’s so silly, so absurd, it would be worth it.

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