What would you do?

Recognizing that October in Minnesota doesn’t inspire a lot of causal milling about outside, I been wondering what motivates people to OccupyMN.

Okay, even Minnesotans ask the broader question: why does anyone live here? If you’re curious too, it’s the people. For my part, I didn’t fall in love with Minnesota so much as with a particular Minnesotan.

I’ve been asking people, “what brings you out to Government Plaza today?” Turns out it’s the people: children and grandchildren, neighbors who struggle to make ends meet, patients who don’t get the care they need. For the record, I haven’t heard anyone demanding personal bailouts. The people I’ve talked to are concerned about others.

So I changed my question.

If you could make one change in our society, what would it be?

Some initial responses are posted below. Please add your own.

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  1. Change our form of government from capitalism to democracy.

  2. Don’t know. There is just so much wrong, I don’t know where to start. It just seems important to say “this is wrong.”

  3. Make education accessible. Why are we afraid of an educated populous? What kind of world are we preparing for our children?

  4. Change the election process. Anyone who could get enough signatures to get on the ballot would have a limited, public budget, appropriate to the office sought with which to campaign. No additional expenditures allowed, no private funding.

  5. De-criminalizing self-care would be a good start.

  6. Regulate business. Make it a crime to shift costs to the tax payers while retaining all income to the corporation.

  7. Hold businesses accountable.

  8. Make health care accesible. We are a rich, technologically advanced nation. How can we withhold care from those who suffer?

  9. This isn’t the right question. Change will happen. Collapse of our political-economic system is certain. Our society is unsustainable.


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