? ? ? MIGHT makes RIGHT ? ? ?

I wrote this on the ground at the plaza where OccupyMN has gathered. As I did so, a person came up to me to let me know “they” won’t like that. The police, you know, won’t let ┬áme write on the ground. “Chalking,” they called it, knowingly.

“A woman was arrested last night for chalking. This is a public square, you know, paid for by taxes. They don’t want to clean up your mess.”

I thanked them for their concern. Walking away, they scoffed, “hardly worth getting thrown in jail for”.

I went back to my big, bold, pink letters. “MIGHT makes RIGHT” I surrounded them with big, bold, blue question marks.

It would be a silly thing to get arrested for. Imagine the headlines. “Bad Nana Caught Dusty-Handed Playing with Sidewalk Chalk in Public.”

It’s so silly, so absurd, it would be worth it.


I will NOT calm down

When I saw a person holding this sign at OccupyMN Sunday afternoon, it struck a cord.

When one thinks they are being taken advantage of, or thinks others are being taken advantage of, being calm is not a rational response.

When I shared this sign via Twitter, someone noted the irony. Shouldn’t I advocate calmness if I’m thinking about peace?

Is it odd to agitate for peace?

Working toward a more peaceful existence means being willing to offend the sensibilities of those who exploit others.